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创新是一种思维和态度Innovation is a Mindset and Attitude 与初创一样思考
Think Like a Startup
Innovate Like Silicon Valley
我们的使命:我们帮助大企业运用硅谷初创方法论及创新流程以创造出突破性的产品与服务。Our Mission: To help corporations implement the same innovation methodologies and processes as Silicon Valley's startups. 我们的愿景:成为全球最具创新企业的首选战略合作伙伴。Our Vision: To become the No. 1 strategic partner of the most innovative companies in the world.
硅谷视角Silicon Valley View 创新的本质就是简单的客户体验Innovation is the Simplicity of Customer Experience 随着科技与消费者生活方式的飞速变革,当今企业都面临着巨大的创新挑战。尤其在新零售时代的到来和消费体验的升级,服务创新将成为企业关注的焦点。在竞争激烈的中国市场中,谁将成为下一个独角兽企业呢? With rapid revolution of technologies and consumer life style, corporations are facing huge challenges for business innovation. Particularly the rise of New Retail, retail service innovation has become critical for corporations to grow their business. Among the crowded competition in China, who will become the Next Unicorn? 独角兽成功的奥秘 33'23" Hunting Unicorns 33'23"
中国 - 硅谷连接China - Silicon Valley Connect 我们帮助企业对接硅谷最先进的商业模式、产品设计及技术资源We connect corporations with our cutting-edge tech startups for strategic collaborations 硅谷初创思维课程In-depth Education on Startup Innovation Mindset 设计创新、商业模式创新、科技创新、激进创新Design Innovation
Business Model Innovation
Technological Innovation
Radical Innovation
硅谷创新资源对接The Next Big Tech Trends 人工智能、大数据、虚拟现实/增强现实、物联网,等等AI, VR/AR, Big Data, Robotics, IoT’s & so much more! 了解更多Learn More
硅谷第一的全球创新课程#1 Global Innovation Program from Silicon Valley 灵活性 + 个性化Flexible & Personalized 基于史蒂文·霍夫曼的畅销书《让大象飞 – 激进创新流程》Based on Steve Hoffman’s Best-Selling Book 《Making Elephants Fly – The Process of Radical Innovation》 激进式创新 12'54" Radical Innovation 12'54"
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培训导师:史蒂文·霍夫曼先生、Founders Space创始人兼CEO、美国硅谷顶级初创孵化器 + 加速器、培训过数千位全球初创企业CEO及高管Training Mentor: Steve Hoffman
Captain and CEO of Founders Space
Silicon Valley No.1 Accelerator + Incubator for oversea startups
Trained 1,000+ of startups founders and top executives globally
导师简介About Captain Hoff
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半天定制课程包括2小时创新主题讲座 + 1小时创新工作坊Half day tailored innovation program including 2 hours lecture + 1 hour workshop 三大推荐创新主题Top 3 Innovation Topics: 1. 如何在企业内部培育一种创新文化1. Building a Culture of Innovation 2. 如何在企业内部组建及管理创新团队2. Creating & Managing Innovation Teams 3. 硅谷初创方法论3. Lean Startup Methodologies 为您的企业提供的价值Your Benefits: 1. 注入充满活力的硅谷初创文化1. Boost Startup Innovation Culture 2. 发展核心管理层的创新领导力2. Develop Innovation Leadership 3. 简化企业创新3. Simplify Innovation within a large corporation
关于Founders SpaceAbout Founders Space 美国福布斯杂志排名第一的全球顶级孵化器,全球22个国家超过50多个合作伙伴,上海孵化基地位于漕河泾高科园Forbes Magazine Ranked Founders Space as the No. 1 Accelerator for oversea startups coming to Silicon Valley
Over 50 Global Partners in 22 Countries
Our Shanghai Incubator is located at Caohejing Hi-Tech Park
公司介绍 01'12" Introduction 01'12"
硅谷总部 06'42" Silicon Valley 06'42"
上海总部 07'51" Shanghai 07'51"
创新挑战 05'59" 0-1 Challenge 05'59"
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Founders Space在中国的合作伙伴Founders Space's Partners in China
联系我们Contact Us Email:Will@FoundersSpace.com 电 话:+86 15921935336Tel: +86 15921935336 网 站:www.makingelephantsfly.cnWebsite: www.makingelephantsfly.cn 微 信:Will_Wang_WWeChat: Will_Wang_W 地 址:上海闵行田林路1036号科技绿洲三期16号楼Address: Building 16, SBP Phase 3, No. 1036Tianlin Rd, CaoHeJing Hi-Tech Park Innovation Center, Shanghai

您的员工是创新的动脉Your People is the Heartbeat of Innovation 立即体验线上免费课程Start your FREE trial online
企业创新战略合作伙伴Corporate Innovation Strategic Partnership
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